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SICH-Ukraine Company is leading Ukrainian producer of SICH-Tourniquet, instrument No. 1 in modern civil and military first-aid boxes.
It is official supplier of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the National Guard and Police.
The company was established in 2014 by a team of entrepreneurs and volunteers headed by Aleksandr Hadomskyi

The first and the main task put forward to the designers and developers at the moment of company formation under the hybrid war conditions was to create our own, special construction of tourniquet able to control massive bleeding in any state, under any weather conditions, being wet, snow-covered, dirty, heated or cold, in any extreme loads. Having passed all stages of development, testing and consultations the team managed to find effective and complex solution that was realized in original and patented construction named “SICH-tourniquet”.

“SICH” is a symbol of Ukrainian strength.
That’s why our company has this strong and victory hardened name!
On the whole, SICH-tourniquet history is a history of uniting a big number of people, a team of designers, military men, volunteers, and all this was made for one noble mission – to save person’s life.

Soon the products of our company got interest from abroad. It was decided to expand the company out of Ukraine. As a result of successful negotiations with Rimas Žilinskas and with his support in December 2017 SICH Europe subsidiary company was founded in Lithuania.