SICH-TOURNIQUET has some unique advantages that could not be met by its competitors

SICH-TOURNIQUET will always rescue!

SICH-TOURNIQUET in the police cabinet

Wars, car accidents, terroristic attacks extinguish thousands of lives every day.

Wherever it happens, on the battle field or in the course of duties there is not anybody more reliable than you personally, your skills and individual medical kit. Even if your one hand is injured and incapable, SICH-Tourniquet can be applied by one hand just for 8-10 seconds.
And it doesn’t matter, if you are a military man, civil person, tourist, driver or highly qualified medical man. If you have SICH-Tourniquet in your individual medical kit, you will control bleeding for sure and, so, you will get a chance to survive in extreme situations.

SICH-TOURNIQUET application of a turnstile for stopping blood when injured

It is better to account for medical man’s help at hospital.
The statistics proves that 7 of 10 people die from critical bleeding but not from any wounds and injuries.
Battle field is not a sterile operation room. It is snow, grass, bog, fuel, water, frost and so on..
But nothing from the mentioned above prevents SICH-Tourniquet to perform its function – to stop bleeding. It is to give a chance to survive.
And to wait for medical men to care of you….in a sterile operation room.

SICH-TOURNIQUET hemostatic tourniquet turnstile in a car kit

Even if you are an experienced driver and can handle your car in a perfect way, you never know and will never know who is moving behind, ahead or opposite to you.
How will that stranger behave? In what state is he?
There are things which are beyond your control. But at the same time there is something depending only on you, and it saves lives at the moment of accident and after it:
— fastened safety belt and safety bags,
— SICH-Tourniquet in car individual medical kit.

SICH-TOURNIQUET hemostatic tourniquet turnstile in the first aid kit

Wild life challenge – you are checking your fitness.
Without any doubt, you think about different variants and prepare for it, you know how to act in any situation.
But in these moments one mistake can cost your life, or your people’s life (wild animals, landslides, rockfalls, avalanches, or just through negligence).
Only serious preparation and something really reliable will keep you from the mistake: team, training and outfit.
SICH-Tourniquet will not treat you in the forest or in the mountains, bit it will stop critical bleeding and will help to wait for evacuation.



From the moment of the first SICH-Tourniquet sample production and till now it saved thousands of lives and took it place in the medical kits of the Military Forces of Ukraine, police, ambulance medical crews in Ukraine and in Europe.
Thanks to its reliability, safety, comfort and possibility to be applied by one hand, the tourniquet is chosen by medical men, military and civil people.